The concept

  This is a book series design project created based on nine different Chinese myths and folk stories. And my idea was trying to create a easy to read, modern, simple and trendy style for this series, which is able to give audience a new look for these tradition stories, and also can attract people eyes and come to read about the story, especially for the people from foreign country and the teenage.


Final out come

  The final out come of this series has include three books, and each book also got a theme which is the god, love and hero story. I have created my own cutting and laying illustration that also have depicted about the first story for each book (The final design was inspired and created by some Traditional chinese pattern), and the text would show behind the illustration (the text that I am using is Baskerville), these three books would also put inside to a book case.


  I have also do the binding on my own, the type of binding that i have choose is Section Sewn, each book have got five section is for the cutting illustration work and one or two section just for the text, but i have changed a little for this method which is i haven't glued the spine together to avoid the glue may effect my cutting work. The paper that I'm using has including  pastel and bright card (240GSM), pastel paper(160GSM) and recycle paper(250GSM). 

Book cover design

  The cover materials that I used is call Buckram in white, and the he Book cover design was inspired by a very old type of Chinese letter call Oracle bone script, it is a typeface created in the ancient time, and at the same period those myths and folk stories has been created as well. I specially choose two of the related and opposite meaning letters for each book cover and cut it out by hand and i think that is match to each theme, which is sun and moon for god story(in china it also mean day and night), men and women for love story and life and death for hero story. 

  And at the endI have also decide to put two other letter on the book case at the back side, which is sky(it also mean god) and human.

  This is a guide project created for a art show room inside the Tate Modern, the room is call A VIEW FROM SÃO PAULO: ABSTRACTION AND SOCIETY. This room looks at abstract works from different moments in the twentieth century which reflect the aspiration to invent a new society. So I deside to use a abstract way to produce my guide,  i take out the piece of the text form the room which is the introduction for the room, and I was trying to reform the text in different of shape which is also created base on each abstract work inside this room.

  My aim is to design a guide that can let the audience think about which shape is belong to which art work, and through this process I hope the audience can have more imagination before they look at the real one and have more their own feeling and understanding before they look at the text just next to the art work, as the text would just simply give the information about the work to the audience, but i think each audience should have their own point of view for a abstract work. 

  I have produce three guide and choosing the transparent materials to do these guide which can combine all of my work together to become an unique abstract work shows on the cover. 

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